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Colton Chance

Colton Chance is a California based photographer with a love for culture and nature. He started his photography career in his early 20s never having touched a camera before, but knowing he had a passion to discover something new.

  This passion for photography stems from two places: his interest in collecting stories of people & cultures around the world and a love for nature.  

 Every Person, no matter what point in their life, has some sort of story to tell. What is life if nothing but a collection of stories? Manifesting those stories, cultures, ideas, ect. into tangible photographs allows them to live on and be shared.

 Nature photography is his way of connecting back into our planet. For him, it's not about the photos as much as being in nature. It's about reconnecting people to the things that make this planet beautiful and trying to bring that sense of preservation back to the masses.   

Colton's photography is about giving every moment a Chance to be remembered. 

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