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I know what you’re  thinking, this is very "unique" website for a wedding photographer. Well truth be told, Wedding Photography is not my usual type of photography. Most days I do advertisement photography for another company and on the weekends I pursue my other passions: travel, landscape, wildlife and wedding photography. Because I love these forms of photography, I want to switch from advertisements to photographing real moments

with real soul and emotion. 

        Today is your lucky day: with Wedding/Engagement Packages starting at just $2000, I can confidently say you will have a hard time finding a better deal with the same quality I will deliver. Having shot many family and friend's weddings along with being a part of of so many weddings and a guest to over 30 myself, I have a strong understanding, an intimate knowledge, and a deep love of the wedding day process. So let's create some beautiful memories together

and do it without breaking the bank! 

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